Who we are...

We are designers. We are printers. We are hands-on crafters for your brand's message. We help you get noticed. 

What we do...

We source the best products for your branding needs while providing the customer service you deserve and expect. Custom printed and embroidered apparel, custom promotional products, decals, signage, and the list goes on. 

Why we're here...

We got our start working for do-it-all marketing and print companies. Tired of the disconnect between businesses, customers, and actual production, we set out to bring change to the flakey print industry known for over-promising and under-delivering.  

The Story

Though we got our start working for marketing agencies and the typical do-it-all print companies, we were designing and printing tees in the and garage for a lifestyle brand. We just wanted to do it ourselves. Who doesn't know someone with a side hustle?! As that brand started to grow, others in the industry knew we made our own gear and started asking us to make theirs.

All the while, we grew tired of the disconnect between businesses, customers, and actual production working for those agencies and print companies. So, we set out to offer our products we had been creating as a service.

The brand is alive and well, but Inkfinity Printing has been working with clients spanning all industries since 2009. Everything from turn-key private label apparel production, custom tees for the non-profit you may volunteer at, uniforms for your favorite restaurant, keychains from your local car dealership and all that is custom printed in between.

Our priority is customer service and attention to detail. Our expertise is sourcing the best product for your needs while considering all of the factors - budget concerns, product expectations, timeline, and lasting effectiveness for your promotional piece.

We are based out of Charlotte and Durham in North Carolina, but we service our incredible customers throughout the continental US. If you’re a design client, we send everything electronically. If you’re a print customer, we ship directly to you or wherever you need the products to be. If you’re local, stop by the shop, say hello and grab your goods in person!